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Which is better: sports drinks or water during a competitive event or training?

If the duration of the activity for an individual athlete is fairly continuous for 1 hour or longer, a sports drink is the better replacement fluid. However, if the activity lasts less than 1 hour, water is the best option. In either case, an athlete should have about 6-8 ounces of fluid replacement every 30 minutes during strenuous, continuous activity.




Wear thin stockings underneath the shin guards. Wash the shin guards often. Use GTECH SPORT SPRAY to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors and germs.



JULY 21-24 (Tuesday-Friday)

JULY 28-31 (Tuesday-Friday)

AUGUST 3-6 (Monday-Thursday)

AUGUST 10-13 (Monday-Thursday)

AUGUST 18-21 (Tuesday-Friday)

TIMES:                9 am to 12 pm each day

LOCATION:       DVMS (Diablo Vista Middle School) 4100 Camino Tassajara Rd, Danville


COST:       $150.00 per camp (siblings receive a $20 discount) $50.00 per day if you cannot attend all 4 days

LUNCH:              Garlex Pizza& Garlic Bread is served each day at no additional cost

PRIZES:              Every child will earn Bulldog Tickets/Dollars every day. Players can use tickets/dollars to buy toys, soccer pictures, candy, and more... On the last day of camp we will hold an auction and players can make bids on soccer balls, framed pictures of star soccer players.

AUCTION:          Save your tickets and bid on new soccer balls and gift cards to Cold Stone Ice Cream.

DROP-IN:            Okay

Register by e-mailing Coach Quang Hamon at



Do your children have weak kicks? Do they have poor accuracy? Then there are several technical things that he/she is doing incorrectly. The plant foot (non-kicking foot) has more impact (about 90%) on a player's kick than all other factors combined. Plant your foot behind the ball, and the ball is more likely to go higher. Plant your foot too close to the ball, and you lose balance and hip rotation (essential for powerful kicks).

Most Division 1 Coaches can kick a ball well, but many coaches don't have the expertise to communicate their thoughts and teach proper striking of the ball. Most coaches tell players to kick the ball with their laces. However, this is not specific enough. Kick the ball with the wrong part of your laces, and the ball will be weaker, backspin, and rise up over the goal. Kick the ball with the correct part of your foot, and you get more pace (velocity), accuracy, lower driven balls, and sometimes a knuckle ball.

Want stronger and more accurate kicks? Then you need private training and attend Elite Striker Trainings.



When I teach players to dribble, I make sure they understand my two SIMPLE RULES:

1) Look Up

2) Change Directions

I teach players to look up at the defender's feet and not at the ball. This allows them to see their opponent, the field, the goal, the goal keeper, and more... Next I teach players to change directions away from pressure (opponents), so they can keep the ball.

Players who learn these skills quickly are more likely to dribble around defenders and are less likely to turnover the ball often as most young players do.

If your children lack good ball skills and the confidence to dribble, then they are not looking up and changing directions in game situations. Players 5-8, regardless of level of play (recreational, Division 1, or Division 3) who want to improve their ball skills should attend my Future Stars Academy Trainings.



This training is very popular with the kids and the parents. If your 5-8 year old is not that excited about soccer, then he/she has not trained with me! I encourage you to come and watch my next training. I provide superior technical training that children respond to, a positive learning environment, and fun games (no drills). Children who participate regularly in this program will raise their game to the next level 10 times faster than if they participated in another academy program.



Mondays from 5-6 pm E-mail to inquire about space 

FUTURE STARS ADVANCED (6-8 year olds) 

Mondays from 6-7 pm E-mail to inquire about space


Coach Quang's Video

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GTECH Sport Antimicrobial Spray

Got sweaty smelly soccer shin guards and shoes? Use GTECH Sport Spray to freshen all of your sports gear, apparel, and shoes. It's simple, safe to use, and skin friendly. Use COUPON CODE "LAX" and SAVE 10% on your online order at

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Too many games, little preparation and no training opportunities

By Jay Martin, Ph.D.

Tournaments, tournaments, tournaments. They are overwhelming youth soccer in this country. Everyone wants to play in tournaments. Soccer America has an entire issue devoted to tournaments. Every soccer publication in this country lists pages of tournaments for our children to attend! Every year the biggest decision a club team makes is "which tournaments do we attend?"

Tournaments are hurting America's soccer playing youth. Click here to read more


Athletes need good nutrition to optimize their performance on the field. Therefore eating heavy greasy foods, such as donuts, hamburgers, fries, cheese, etc... within 3 hours of a soccer game can make players feel sick or sluggish. The body cannot efficiently supply enough energy to digest the greasy foods and for the body to run and play. Also, it important to hydrate the day before as well as before, during, and after the game. Below are some good articles on sports nutrition.

The Acid in oranges will upset your stomach

Parents should avoid giving orange slices to their children at half time. Grapes and melons are better on their tummies.

We have our pre-game meal at 2:30 or 3 p.m. and the game starts at 7:00 pm. Are we doing this right?

So far so good, but don't forget the pre-game snack about 2 hours before (around 5:00 p.m.). The snack should be about 250-350 calories, mostly carbohydrates, a little protein, and very little fat. A Power Bar, Boost, a bagel and jam, or cereal and skim milk are each good choices.

Depending on what time breakfast is, the athlete may also want to include a mid-morning snack. Too many athletes rely solely on the one pre-game meal to get them through competition. Optimally, the best fueled athlete is the one who has eaten small meals and snacks every few hours up to 1-1/2 to 2 hours before an event, with decreasing amounts of protein and fat the closer it gets to competition.

  • Click here for more nutrition tips from this source
  • Pre-Game Meals/Snacks: Pre-event nutrition can have a major effect on performance. Players diet should be HIGH IN CARBOHYDRATES, LOW IN FAT. The target is 60-70% carbohydrate, 10-15% protein. This is a very important meal as the main energy reserves are made up from the previous days meals, not from the pre-game meal or big breakfast of the competition day.

  • Click here for more nutrition tips from this source
  • SNACKS: Fruit Bars, Fig Newtons, Fruit (fresh or dried), Raisins, Apples, Banana, Saltines, Popcorn (no butter)

  • Click here for more nutrition tips from this source
  • Eat a Mix of Protein and Carbs after a game

    Though exercise is extremely beneficial, it does take a lot of effort on your body's part. After your workout, it's important to repair your muscles and replenish your glycogen stores for energy. Most experts recommend eating something within 90 minutes of finishing your workout, but sooner is better.

  • Click here for more nutrition tips from this source
  • Sports & Nutrition

    What you eat every day can have a big effect on how you perform. What you eat right before an event can be critical. Wrong choices can be disastrous. Right choices can give you that competitive edge.

  • Click here for more nutrition tips from this source

    I recently had a player develop a heck of a case of shin guard rash and found a thread on the NC Soccer Forum that listed a number of possible remedies. Obviously if a rash persists you should see a doctor, but there were some very good suggestions from long time soccer parents and coaches about initial treatment, so I figured I’d share them.

  • Click here for more information on shin guard rashes
  • Our Mission Statement

    At Bulldog Soccer our goal is to help kids develop a love for the game of soccer, develop the skills necessary to succeed at whatever level the player wants to play at and learn valuable life lessons, such as good sportsmanship, the importance of teamwork, and having a positive attitude.  We strive to develop technically superior players who are well-rounded and confident, so they can reach their highest potential. We do this by using a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on fundamental, technical, tactical, & functional training.  Our team is dedicated to making your child’s soccer experience positive and fun.

    Our Equipment

    During trainings we use only the best state-of-the-art equipment to maximize results.

    • Radar Gun
    • This device helps players improve on striking power and technique.

    • Flex Goal
    • Get up to 30 kicks per minute with this rebound goal. That's 300 kicks in ten minutes or 1800 kicks in one hour.

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